Tuition & Fees

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Tuition & Fees
The following list shows some of the fees incurred while attending the College. It is not intended to be all-inclusive. All charges are subject to change at any time.

Effective Fall 2013
Application Fee


A non-refundable fee of $50 is to be submitted with the application
Registration Fee

Students must submit a non-refundable tuition deposit as defined below within 30 days of notification of acceptance.

A. Students planning to enroll in a clinical course during their first semester as a BSN student must pay a tuition deposit of $200.

B. Students planning to enroll in only non-clinical courses during their first semester as a BSN student must pay a tuition deposit of $50.

Late Registration Fee
A $10.00 late registration fee will be accessed if student registers after the registration deadline. A $10.00 late registration fee can also be charged if there is a registration hold on an account. (Registration deadline determined on a semester basis.)
Full Time Student Tuition $10,544 (12-17 credits)
Part Time Student Tuition $659 per credit hour
Transcript Fee
Transcripts are free
Graduation Fee $200 charged last semester
Computer Fee $30/student each semester
Skill Lab Supplies
$60 (for students enrolled in N307)
Uniform Information will be given to students during Orientation.
Additional Charges as appropriate
Library Photo Copy Fee 10 cents/page
Check Return Fee
Interest  Fee
1% per month on balance due
Late Payment Fee $10.00
ATI TEAS Retake Fee
ATI Clinical Testing Fee
$102 - $147 (varies with class)
Prices vary (Books are purchased through an outside vendor.
Lost/Damaged iClicker $35.00
Clinical Make Up Fee for 16 week course (Charges for courses other than 16 weeks will be prorated) A fee of $20/clinical clock hour will be assessed for a 2nd clinical or lab absence within the same course and semester.  Absence days beyond two in a semester, will be charged $40/clinical clock hour.

Refund Policy 
As Saint Anthony College of Nursing incurs expenses in advance for the entire academic year, a refund schedule has been developed to reflect an equal sharing of the loss when a student withdraws. Students who officially withdraw from all courses enrolled at the College or who are dismissed will be able to receive refunds according to the following schedule:

Semester Week
of Withdrawal
Per Cent of Tuition
Prior to the beginning of semester  100 
End of week 1 
End of week 2 70
End of week 3 50


In order to receive the appropriate refund, a student who wishes to withdraw from the College must follow the "Withdrawal from the College" policy and procedure located in the Catalog/Student Handbook.

The beginning of each semester is defined by the academic calendar and NOT individual course start dates.  No refunds will be granted after end of the third week of the semester.  For courses that run more or less than 16 weeks, the refund would be prorated accordingly.

BSN students who drop one or more courses, but maintain full-time status, are not eligible for a tuition refund.  Student who drop below full-time status (<12 credits) prior to the first day of the semester, will have their tuition calculated as a part-time student (per credit hour), less any non-refundable deposit or registration change fees.  Students who are full-time as of the first day of class, but drop a course or courses resulting in less than full-time status during the refund period, will have a refund calculated on the basis of the difference in the full-time and new enrollment status (per credit hour) and the refund percentage listed above.

In order to receive the appropriate refund, a student who wishes to withdraw from the College must comply with the "Withdrawal from the College Policy and Procedure", which is located in the Student Handbook.

Financial Aid Recipients
This policy may be superseded by any federal and/or state mandate (i.e.: Title 34, Section 668.22 Department of Education Federal Regulations) necessary to remain eligible for student financial aid programs.  ANY REFUNDS OR REPAYMENTS ARE MADE TO THE FINANCIAL AID PROGRAMS FIRST.  Any financial aid proceeds given directly to the student prior to the refund date may be subject to repayment by the student.