LRC Computers

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Computers for academic use are provided in the SACN Library, in the B27 classroom computer lab, in two group study rooms, and at the Guilford Square campus. Computer use is first come, first served.  The SAMC Medical Library also has computers that are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Personal software may not be installed on college computers. Librarians can assist with use of electronic courseware and computer-based instruction programs. They can also troubleshoot technical problems.  Users are expected to be proficient in non-course related software such as word processing and spreadsheet programs. Local community colleges offer classes in basic computer programs for individuals who need additional instruction.

Library Study Rooms

Two group study rooms are located just outside the Library’s main entrance.  Each seats six to eight people; one is equipped with two computers and one with three computers.  Study room use is first come, first served unless a reservation is in place at the desired time.  Rooms may be reserved 24 hours in advance.  See a Library staff member to make reservations.

Printer/Copier Machine

The library has a combination printer/copier machine for student use.  The machine is equipped with a print management system for privacy reasons.  Instructions on how to use the system are posted near computers and above the printer/copier machine.  Currently enrolled students receive a printing/copying allowance at the beginning of each semester.  Additional pages may be purchased through the library staff, if needed.