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The Sonne Scholarship is awarded each year to students working toward their initial nursing degree. The funds awarded vary from year to year.  The Sonne Scholarship supports students who demonstrate strong leadership, academic and professional skills. Many of the past recipients have maintained membership in their professional organization and have mentored other students to do the same. We are very proud of these students, and look forward to this year's candidates applications.

The Davis Scholarship for Future Nurse Educators was created in 2007. This scholarship, presented annually, will provide a  $1,000 scholarship to the recipient. Students who demonstrate strong academic ability, and desire to become nursing faculty can apply for this. The recipient must agree to serve as nursing faculty in Illinois for a minimum of one year after completing their education.

The forms and criteria are also available on our website at under the Illinois Nurses Foundation menu.



National Black Nursing Association Scholarship

Visit the NBNA Scholarship page for more information on the National Black Nursing Association and the available scholarships.



Advanced Association of Colleges of Nursing Scholarship

Visit for more information on the AACN and the available scholarships.



Coursey Enterprises Scholarship

Visit Coursey Enterprises for more information on their scholarship.



The Center for Rural Health Scholarship

Visit Illinois Department of Health - Center for Rural Health for more information on available scholarships.



Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program

NELRP is a competitive program that repays 60 percent of the qualifying loan balance of registered nurses selected for funding in exchange for 2 years of service at a critical shortage facility.

Visit NELRP for more information.



Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Visit for more information.



March of Dimes Graduate Scholarship

For more information click here.   Scholarship application deadline is January 15, 2010.



US Bank Internet Scholarship

US Bank Internet Scholarship Program will award forty $1,000 scholarships through a random drawing process.  For more information CLICK HERE

Online applications will be accepted from October, 2009 through March, 2010.

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For more information on scholarships and grants please contact our Financial Aid Office, 815-395-5089.