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In May 2012 the Doris and Albert Von Morpurgo Scholarship Fund was announced.  The college had received an extraordinary gift of over $2 million.  The gift came from a 1944 alumna, Doris (Stromquist) Von Morpurgo, who herself had an extraordinary life. 
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The Legacy Endownment Fund

The Legacy Endownment Fund has over 40 named scholarships from alumni donors. Students are awarded based on academic achievement and financial need. 


Josephine Deery

Frank and Mary A. Gambino

Donald and Mary Anne Doherty

James and Terese A. Burch

Marjorie Neustadtl

Carol and Carl Sciame

David Ronald Carroll

Johanna M. Valiulis

John Paul Michel

Marlene May Heiser Deery

Claudene Ann Schertz

Betty J. D'Agnolo

Sister Anthony Clare Floto

Faculty of Saint Anthony College of Nursing, 2004-2005

Marvel B. Kirk

Helen Kerl

Martha Louise Leonard

Kneeland Scholarship

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center 2005 Auxiliary Securing Nursing Excellence Scholarship

Contarino Family Scholarship

Carole A. Mounier Scholarship

Francis E. and Vivian Veach Hickey Scholarship

Gambino Realtors Homebuilders, Inc. Scholarship

Joan and Paul Wallem Family Scholarship

Josephine Matranga Morrissey Scholarship

Rockford Health System Scholarship

Sister Mary Linus Nowak, OSF, MSNE Alumni Memorial Scholarship

Rosemary H Geraghty Scholarship

Franchini Family Scholarship

2003 OSF Golf Invitational Scholarship

Frank J. Lewis Foundation Scholarship

Louise K. Vallini Trust Scholarship

Hinshaw & Culbertson, L.L.P. Scholarship

Jack Roy Joyce Memorial Scholarship

Charles F. Doyle Memorial Scholarship

Peggy McCabe Memorial Scholarship

Swedish American Medical Center and Foundation Scholarship

Freeport Health Network Scholarship

Ringland-Johnson Construction Scholarship

Giovanni's Restaurant and Convention Center Scholarship

John R. Cagney, Terese Cagney, Kinny and Kenneth Parrish Kinney Scholarship

Saint Anthony Class of 1965 Memorial Scholarship

Gordon E. Wesner, Ph.D. Scholarship

Frances P. Rink Memorial Scholarship

Harriett, James and John Burch Scholarship

David N. Swanson Memorial Scholarship