Mission, Vision & Goals

The Mission of Saint Anthony College of Nursing, a private, Catholic college, is to provide quality undergraduate and graduate nursing education. This education, grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, is provided in an environment that encourages open inquiry and lifelong learning, and to serve persons with the greatest care and love.

The Goals of Saint Anthony College of Nursing are as follows:

  1. promote a Christian philosophy in personal, professional, and academic settings.
  2. prepare graduates for professional nursing roles appropriate for the changing health care needs of the community.
  3. prepare graduates for the pursuit of lifelong learning and graduate education.

The Goals of the Baccalaureate Program are to:

  1. prepare individuals with scientific, critical thinking, humanistic, communication, and leadership skills that are grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and the professional practice of nursing.
  2. graduate professional nurses, who as generalists, provide nursing care to individuals, families and population groups in a variety of settings.
The Goals of the Graduate Program are to:
  1. prepare professional nurses to assume roles as nurse educators and as leaders in clinical practice.
  2. develop the nurse's ability to critically and accurately assess, plan, intervene, and evaluate the holistic health and illness experiences of individuals, families and communities.
  3. develop the nurse's ability to analyze and synthesize knowledge in the advancement of the nursing profession.